A co-creative field for evolving women

Women's Networks 3.0

The Call
Women's Networks 3.0 is a multi-sector coalition of women's networks dedicated to contributing to the greater good of all -- the companies/organizations we belong to, the marketplace we serve, the families and communities we create and grow, the larger world of which we are a part.

Specifically, WN 3.0 involves itself in:

...the creation, fostering and nurturing of human-friendly and planet-friendly work environments

...the cultivating of a strong, respected and valuable voice for women's networks in the corporations and organizations we are part of

...the building and strengthening of relationships with those organizations' customers or clients thus creating a trusting and mutually-beneficial relationship in the marketplace

...the establishing of a place and role for women in the resolution of world issues

...the strengthening of Feminine leadership principles as a viable way to create a world of peace, compassion, prosperity, and creativity

Offerings' Service to the Call
...to resource and develop each existing member network's essence,contribution and way of being, as well as their capacity to manifest that essence

...to resource and cultivate the combined contribution, influence and power of Women's Network's 3.0 on behalf of the whole of society

Offerings' Invitation to You
We are inviting women to join us. Become one of our Founding Members and actively participate in the formation and development of WN 3.0. Learn with us as we build our capacity to change, evolve, and positively impact our companies, communities, and the world.

As Founding Members, we will:

...Explore and develop the true essence and power of women networks in service of a greater good

...Cross-pollinate throughout all sectors of our society -- to weave our backgrounds, learnings, experiences, stories and passions

...Listen, learn and develop our next level of collective work

...Chart a path to develop our collective capacity for carrying out our purpose and work

The Gift to Founding Members
...Be part of something new and creative that makes a difference in the world

...Be in partnership with other kindred organizations of women who desire to make an impact in the world

...Expand your understanding of, build your capacity for, and be a living experience of true collaboration and union

...Grow your understanding and practice of Feminine leadership principles

...Co-create a place to offer your own talents and services

...Gain exposure to other sectors of business and society, build relationships of reciprocity and learning

...Build and grow from a strong, vibrant, contributing community (in-person and virtual) of women's networks

We are launching a gathering of potential Founding Members of Women's Networks 3.0 to listen with us and fully develop its purpose and essence, its value to others and to the world.

Click here for the invitation to that gathering.