A co-creative field for evolving women

During our first year, as we nurtured Offerings into existence,
we heeded a call to explore the act of birthing in all its forms.
We asked what women were giving birth to, and in their writings,

art, conversations and gatherings, here is what they told us.

The Offerings Book on Women and Birthing Now and Ever More

Through story, poetry, photography and art, women explore, challenge and celebrate the process of Birth.

Chapter One: Awakening Ourselves!

From the decision to have children (or not) to the experience of midwifing death, women share their stories of awakening.

Chapter Two: The Evolving Human Family

Mothers, students, authors, healers, artists, anthropologists, educators, and more prove there is no single, nor static, definition of Family.

Offerings' "In Good Company" Podcast Series

Offerings in conversation with women who are evolving themselves and their worlds through art and compassion, wisdom and sheer determination.

Creative Pathfinders on the Go

Lauralee Alben, Laurie Meadoff and Cass Werner share their stories and the calling they feel to express their creative spirit and passion in the world.

From the Ashes

Teresa Mejia, Executive Director of The Women's Building in San Francisco, talks with Offerings about the devastation of one life and the miraculous rebirth of another.

Generation Unity

Dakini and Celena, founders of the artists' collection The Goddess Alchemy Project, aspire to change a generation through music.

Birthing the Music

Musical artists Christie Hardwick Vianson and Mary Sarah share the experience of giving birth to music.

Artists' Corner

A place for vibrant expression in celebration of the Evolving Woman.

Creating from the Unknown to Union

Six artists. Six months to create. Six stories of evolution and discovery. One unified piece of art.

Harvest and Seed Gathering 2007

A story told in pictures of the Offerings Harvest and Seed Gathering, held December 1-3, 2007.

A Time for Celebration: Heralding the Story of Her Birth and Becoming: December 1, 2007, The Women's Building, San Francisco, California
A Time for Reflection: Bringing Forth and Weaving Her Story Forward: December 2 & 3, 2007, Mercy Center, Burlingame, California